Kyle Alexander Clarington I nick named "STAR AND CEO" is an actor from Michigan. Kyle was born in Detroit Michigan and has 20 years of acting experience winning over audiences world wide. Over the years Kyle has done work as talent for television, film, print, voice-over, on screen and radio host, product specialist, brand ambassador, and on rare occasions celebrity interviewer and rapper! In his spare time Kyle enjoys writing to create content for YouTube such as short films and sketches.

Interesting Facts

Birthday - Dec 3rd
Favorite Color - Clear
Favorite Quotes - "A what they tombot maen?" 
"I can do anything!"-Jevil
Kyle has Misophonia - " A disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable give the circumstance. Those who have misoponia might describe it as when a sound “drives you crazy.” Their reactions can range from anger and annoyance to panic and the need to flee."
Pet Peeves - Anything that triggers my misophonia! lol The top triggers are usually RNB music, wind chimes, and flip flops.
Voted 'Best Actor' his senior year of High School.
Saved Hip-Hop in 2 verses with the song Hologram Benz Remix.
Doesn't like traditional sports, but loves professional wrestling!
Loves Screwed and Chopped music, and can screw and chop music himself!