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What is all of this 3rd of December stuff about you ask?
for those of you who don't know yet, the idea around thee 3rd of December I think is pretty awesome! I want there to be one day out of the year where everyone can get something without having to buy anyone anything or spend any money! When all is said and done and I am no longer around I want thee 3rd of December to be a bigger holiday than the fake commercial holidays like Valentines day or Sweeties day where you feel forced to buy something. I want it to be a day that everyone celebrates and looks forward to because they know they have something to look forward to without having to sacrifice or give anything in return. I have big dreams for it. That is why it is referred to as thee  3rd of December and not "December 3rd" Just as people normally call July 4th the 4th of July. This gives it more meaning and importance. Thee 3rd of December isn't about me. Its about each and everyone of you, YOU are why I do it. This year I bring you the gift of entertainment. Thank you for everyone that helped me do this, and even those who wanted to but weren't able to. I appreciate it and it means a lot to me. Below is what I put together for 3rd of Decebmer back in 2012 each year including 2014 will continue to get bettter! 2012 was the gift of entertainment. Enjoy!

It was pretty hard to top the last 3rd of December where I saved hip hop in 2 verses with the Hologram Benz remix (which you can experience or re live again if for some reason you are new to this whole 3rd of December thing with the link at the very bottom of this page...however even though I set the bar kinda high I'm proud of what I pulled off this year! This year I give you not just a song, but an entire EP ALONG with a music video like you have never seen before that fits perfectly! Enjoy!

Huge thanks goes out to Vell who has been in every single project I have ever done. Can't even express my gratitute and thankfulness for you maen!  Vino, Ashley, and Fred for always being there to help me for all of my newer projects and helping each one be better than the last. To Lynn and Riley for thee unlimited support and helping with the promotion, I greately apprecaite it! Big shout out to Chris for the super throwed CD cover! I wouldn't even have done it and couldn't have imagined being a Big Tymer without AJ so thank you. Finally everyone that supports me, and thee 3rd Of December movement. I hope you enjoy and are entertained by what I came up with this year because GOD knows I put a ton of time, effort, and money into it! As I always say 3rd of December is all about you! Your support and joy is the reason I do it! Happy 3rd of December!

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